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Cotter Properties is the preeminent residential real estate development firm in the southeastern United States.

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Cotter Properties is a fully integrated real estate development company with capabilities in development, investment, finance, asset management and construction. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the firm focuses on developing multi-family residential properties, high-end condominiums, and commercial properties primarily located in the metro Atlanta region.

Proudly Building The Southeast


Shannon Woods
Shannon Woods
Maiden, NC
367.6 Acres
731 Lots
Shepherd’s Farm
Shepherd’s Farm
Mooresville, NC
225 Acres
443 Lots
Summit Lake
Summit Lake
Flowery Branch, GA
108.58 Acres
325 Lots
Watson Farms
Watson Farms
44.01 Acres
105 Lots
The Parks of Stonecrest
The Parks of Stonecrest
Stonecrest, GA
40.35 Acres
117 Lots



Cody Fowler – Hydrospec, Inc. – Account Manager: We are a very customer-focused company providing erosion control services, and Cotter Properties is a highly esteemed client! Honest in their character and outstanding in the service they provide. I am proud to partner with them on any new endeavors. I can count on their integrity and unmatched efforts every time.

Cody Fowler
Hydrospec, Inc. - Account Manager

Cotter Properties is an exceptional land developer that I have had the pleasure of provided funding to over the last 5 years. They are one of the best at determining risk, and managing challenges, unique to the residential land development business. As such, they can deliver land and lots to builders efficiently from zoning through to final plat. It is with great pleasure that I look forward to continuing to provide them with optimal capital to support their growth.

George Ojanuga
SwiftEagle Capital, LLC - Managing Principal

Within weeks of taking on Cotter Properties as a new client, it was evident that the whole Cotter team truly embraces the value that can come from having a consistent and collaborative legal component in each project and in the company‘s culture. Even in times of an uncertain market, the strong leadership at Cotter Properties continues to invest in robust legal involvement for its developments and the services it provides. It is not hard to be a zealous advocate or to put in the long hours when you have a client like Cotter Properties who is committed to quality and getting it done right the first time.

Carla Walker
HS Law - Managing Partner

Over the past twenty years, Rochester & Associates, has had a strong working relationship with Cotter Properties. We have been part of their team in helping successful entitling, design, and/or execute on developing over 3,500 residential units. We greatly value our relationship with the Cotter team in helping provide metro Atlanta with quality developments in which to live, work, play and raise a family.

Brian K. Rochester
Rochester & Associates - President